In-Ground Pools

Pool Fountains

You’ve got a great looking in-ground pool at your home or vacation home. Family and friends love it, yet something’s missing. It could use a “knockout” visual… maybe a bit of cool fun and relaxing splashes. We know, the headline gave it away. An elegant, well-designed pool fountain can do all these things and more.


Just like the constant movement of a waterfall, design choices are endless. Natural Water Gardens staff will explore and explain rock garden waterfalls, cascades, sprays and spout combinations that take water cyclically and return it to the pool. Designs can harmoniously include lighting, landscaping, perennials and annuals to make your vision come to life.


Imagine the “oohs” and “ahhs” of guests as they see and listen to your new custom pool waterfall and waterscape. Best of all, waterfalls are easy to maintain, and provide a stress-free relaxing environment. Now you’ve got more than just a great looking pool… you’ve got an inviting showplace that never goes out of style!

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