Waterscaping — Complete Your Paradise!

Moving water encompasses all the senses… you want your water feature to be the focal point of your yard. Get up close and personal: why not place a water feature adjacent to your deck, patio or a gazebo? Offer your family and guests a relaxing up-close view of your brand-new water feature.

Now you’re ready to integrate that gorgeous water feature with your existing garden annuals and perennials. Ornamental grasses or even ground cover help naturalize the water’s edge. We’ll help you make a plan for plant selection and placement to create a visually balanced environment.

Aquatic Plants

Water plants for your pond are the emerald jewels of the gardening world. Self-watering and hardy, these plants will mature and return year after year. Remember, the number of plants you need will be limited by the size of your pond. A good general rule is for your aquatic plants to cover no more than two-thirds of water surface.

Flowering aquatic plants come in every color and can be chosen to provide sequential continuous bloom throughout the warm weather months. Foliage plants will give some needed height to your pond plan and range in color from shades of green to copper and bronze variegated.

Floating plants, such as water lilies, shade the water with their leaves, reducing the amount of light needed for algae to grow — you can even plant tropical lilies that bloom at night! The beauty and low maintenance of aquatic plants provide vibrant color while aiding the ecosystem of the pond.