How To…

Install Pond Netting

Just as soon as you see the first leaf fall, it’s time to prepare your pond to keep leaves out. An accumulation of leaves can be toxic to your fish and it’s next to impossible to keep leaves out by hand. When installing netting around your pond there are several Natural Water Gardens recommendations you’ll want to follow:

  • Use steel post anchors to attach a cable (using rope, strings, or nylon will stretch over time) that is wide enough to go across the length and/or width to maintain a height of at least 2-3 feet. This creates a “tent” with the net, allowing the leaves and other debris from collecting on the nets (see photos below).
  • Be sure to anchor the outside edges of the draped netting with plenty of stakes. Most leaves will fall off or be wind-blown, or you can remove with a leaf blower or broom. It’s important that the netting is above the water and make sure that the end sides are staked as well to help support the weight of dead leaves.
  • When the snow flies and all the leaves have gone, netting can be removed to avoid damage caused by snow and ice. All netting and winterizing supplies are available at our Pond and Landscape Supply Store in Belvidere at 6505 Logan Ave Belvidere IL 61008 or order online.

Contact us for any questions regarding netting or spring and fall maintenance.