How To…

Clean Your Pond

Natural Water Gardens technicians recommend cleaning your water feature in the spring or fall if excessive sediment and debris have accumulated in your pond. Too much debris and decayed material in the pond is not healthy for your fish and leaves left in the pond can make your water toxic. Happy fish… happy pond owner.

We highly recommend saving as much of the existing pond water as possible. Over the years, experience has shown that a complete water change creates undue stress and possible health issues for your fish which need the beneficial bacteria present in the water. Saving a portion of the original water also helps to keep the pond in ecological balance.

Our pond technicians can do this type of maintenance on your water feature or any of the related cleanup tasks such as aquatic plant care and pruning perennial edge plantings. Contact us to schedule or visit or Pond and Landscape Supply Store in Belvidere at 6505 Logan Ave Belvidere IL 61008 for all your pond supplies.