Water Conditioner Plus


Stress coat plus fish & tap water conditioner completely neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and associated ammonia. Stress coat plus special formula containing a slime coat replenisher and aloe vera, not only eases stress but also promotes the healing of damaged fish tissue and detoxifies heavy metals from tap water. Recommended for use whenever adding water to the pond and when adding new fish to the pond.


Water Conditioner Plus

A key additive if you have any koi or other fish in your pond.

  • Remove chlorine, chlormine and ammonia
  • Adds essential electrolytes
  • Replaces skin slime coat
  • Reduces Stress

4 fl.oz. treats up to 480 gal
8 fl.oz. treats up to 960 gal
16 fl.oz. treats up to 1920 gal
32 fl.oz. treats up to 3840 gal

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32 fl. oz, 128 fl. oz