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Shore-Aid Probiotic Pellets Commercial Lake Treatment


Shore-aid probiotic pellets attack sludge and muck accumulation that is the result of organic buildup, and leads to poor water quality. shore-aid pellets are scientifically tested and blended formulation of probiotic beneficial bacteria and controlled release dissoluble oxygen granules that work to digest, breakdown, and eliminate the sediment layer.

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one pellet treats 50 sq. feet of water. simply drop a pellet into the center of your treatment area. When water temperatures reach 48 degrees, begin applying three times weekly. increase dosage frequency if poor water quality conditions persist.
Ensure ph: 5.7-9.5, water temperature of 48 degrees, proper circulation via waterfalls or fountains. turn off u.v. sterilizers for 24 hours during treatments.

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170 pellets, 340 pellets


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